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A good playground is more than the sum of its components. Good design can make a playground into an exciting, interesting playing milieu. There are no two identical playgrounds. Each of them has to be adapted to its neighbourhood, to the wishes and financial means of the client. We can take care of all these.

  • This concern is one of the main features of the PROD-AX playgrounds.
  • The second one is the careful execution, the application of well invented building, joining and fixing details that are responsible for the endurance of our playgrounds.
  • The third is the safety of playing. We conduct ourselves on the principle that there should be no threat of accidents or injuries for those using our playgrounds.

One important issue is the age group of the children for whom the playground is built. Children aged 1-3, need different toys than those aged 3-8 years or those who are 8-12 years old.

We only use environment friendly and enduring materials. The basic raw material for our playgrounds is impregnated pine or oak wood, galvanised chains and iron fixtures, broad rubber band (for the swings), stainless steel (for the slides), linen rope.

We have developed a modular system allowing us to create endless number of possible combinations, thus we are able to put together playgrounds suiting the needs and demands of a large variety.

It goes without saying that the setting of every new playground is preceded by careful planning and consultations.

Here lies the secret of the success and diversity of the playgrounds we built so far.

Playground equipments are certified by ISCIR-CERT .

Public space playgrounds

Small family playgrounds

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