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Pavilions, covered terraces

These structures can be produced as series of as unique pieces, such as family models (accommodating 4, 6, 8 people) or as shelters in restaurant gardens or picnic gardens large enough to accommodate companies of 100 or 200 people.

The dimensions of the pavilions depend on the kind of furniture as well as on the capacity they are required to fulfill.

The elements of the structure are manufactured in our workshop. They are impregnated and (or) painted than assembled on the foundations built previously on the site. The smaller (family) pavilions do not necessarily need built foundations, because they are produced with an oak wood pedestal that also works as floor for the pavilion.

The roof can be covered with different materials according to the wishes of the client. The basic pavilion type is produced with a board surface that can support any kind of roofing, such as tiles, thatch or bitumen shingles. The client can procure the roofing him- or herself, or pay for it separately.

On special request, roofing made of impregnated boards (A) or of rustic split pinewood shingles (B) can be provided.


Pavilions, covered terraces

1. Hexagonal pavilion with built in benches

For 9 people, with special hexagonal table of massive wood (only with pedestal)

2. Octogonal Pavilions

The basic type is manufactured with pedestal, but the pavilion can also be ordered without it.

There are 2 series versions:
- Type A. with a surface of 9,5 m² (Ø 365)
- Type B. with a surface of 12,5 m² (Ø 420).

According to the kind of furniture they receive, these pavilions can accommodate between 4 and 12 people.

The price does not include the furniture.

Type A: 9,5 m² (Ø 365)

Type B: 12,5 m² (Ø 420)

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