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Garden furniture

These products are manufactured with special technology from thin tree trunks and massive - 4 cm (1.5") thick - pinewood boards.

Due to the stability given by their structure, they resist better to heavy usage. Therefore this furniture is very appropriate for restaurants, vine cellars or discothèques.

Depending on the surface treatment, our products are appropriate both for outdoors or indoors furnishing.

We produce the furniture of nature (colourless) natural wood, then colour it with protective paint wishes of the customer. We can also provide products impregnated all through their cross section.

Square table



Chair with back

Bar chair



Round table

Bench - 2 people 120cm
120cm Bench - 3 people 150cm
Bench - 3 people 180cm Bench - 4 people 200cm

Bench with back
Bench with back - 2 people 120cm
Bench with back - 3 people 180cm
Bench with back - 4 people 200cm

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