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What we do?

Our company manufacture a rich variety of garden furnitures, wooden structures and playgrounds made of thin tree trunks.

These all are original models designed by the leader of the company developed and refined in the manufacturing process.

Garden Furniture
Covered Swinging Bench
Public Space Playgrounds
Small Family Playgrounds

Why is so specific?

The specific character of our PRODUCTS is given by the materials used and by the unique manufacturing technology.

How we do?

We use the entire trunks of young fir trees resulted from the thinning of plated forests. Following a peeling and drying process, these are shaped with traditional peasant hand tools and with a few machines especially developed for such operations. As a result, the wood maintains its natural bending and cracks.

The style...

The unmistakable style of our products comes also from their "world famous" resistance and sturdiness. These are due to the fact that, instead of relying on fragile details based adhesives widely used in the furniture industry, our joinery solutions are invented by the adaptation of traditional peasant carpentry details.

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